Polytrauma is a leading cause of death in developing country like India. Although during the last decade, India has developed in science and technology to great extent, still we need more development in condition of Roads and Traffic. Every year there had been thousands of death resulting from high velocity impacts. In our experience motor bike accident is a major cause of death resulting from polytrauma in our country.

Suffering from polytrauma may range from few days of hospital stay to death. Polytrauma deaths happen in a patterned manner which can be said as three peaks of death after Polytrauma. First peak is seen within minutes due to major neurological or vascular injury, medical treatment can rarely improve outcome. Second peak occurs during "Golden Hour". It can be due to intracranial hematoma, major thoracic or abdominal injury. This is the time for primary focus of intervention for the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) methodology. Third peak occurs after days or weeks which are due to sepsis or multiple organ failure.

Treatments and Procedures

'Polytrauma' is a medical term which is defined as a clinical state following injury to the body leading to profound physiometabolic changes involving multisystem. It is also defined as -

Two major system injury + One major Limb injury.

One Major system injury + Two major Limb injury.

One Major system injury + One Open grade III skeletal injury.

Unstable pelvic fracture with associated visceral injury.


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