Hospital Profile and Philosophy

MaxCare Hospital (A unit of Kakatiyan Medical Services Pvt Ltd) is started by a group of Enthusiastic and likeminded doctors to cater healthcare needs of unprivileged patients. MaxCare Hospital is located in the heart of Hanamkonda, provides 24 x 7 protocol-driven healthcare, based on the latest medical evidence in all major specialities and super-specialities for inpatients and outpatients. We coordinate care in a way that emphasizes the needs of patients first. All of our employees assume a role in making patient experiences as smooth as possible. We value quality and invest in technology proven for clinical effectiveness. Our medical staff consists of experts recognized not only for their clinical abilities but also their ability to work as a team to get the best outcomes for patients and extend top-level care with compassion. We place a high emphasis on exceeding rigorous quality benchmarks related to safety and performance. These aspects of MaxCare Hospital combine to drive our primary objective - Maximum care with Compassion to all unprivileged sectors with world's top healthcare standards.

We believe in treating patients but not medical conditions. As such, our doctors engage in multidisciplinary practice, frequently collaborating across specialities to ensure patients get not only comprehensive care but the best possible clinical outcomes. Our medical staff applies their collective medical knowledge for the benefit of each patient we have the privilege to treat. Above all else, the focus of our practice and central tenet of our philosophy rests in unwavering attention to patients' needs, 100% confirmation they understand their diagnosis, prognosis and care plan, and an equally strong commitment in meeting the world's top clinical standards.


Committed to deliver high quality affordable healthcare to people of all ages and all stages of life in the region.


A dream to provide maximum care which is accessible, affordable and appropriate to the patient's needs.

To enrich quality services through effective development of cutting edge technology and clinical excellence with human expertise.


The culture in our hospital is centered on our values. We demonstrate our commitment by integrating these values into our care, our duties and our services.






We, at the Hospital shall provide quality care which is integrated with the Hospital mission statement. We are committed to ensure care that is accessible, safe, effective, efficient, timely and appropriate. We strive to meet the needs and expectations of our patients, their families and others whom we serve. We consider that quality and safe care are our top priority and therefore we strive to eliminate unsafe practice by:

Providing an environment that is safe and clean

Conforming with safety regulations and legislation

Fostering professionalism

Ongoing Quality Improvement training program that empowers our staff, patients and their family

Involving patients and their families in decision making about their treatment in order to achieve care that is acceptable to our culture, with minimum cost possible, without compromising the quality of service we provide

Exercising a system of sharing knowledge and responsibilities with the key aim of continuously improving our system and processes based on measureable objectives


We, at our Hospital, are committed to achieve excellence in our journey with our patients and associates by providing them a safe healthcare delivery system integrating best practices, personnel and technology through continuous improvement.